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True Colloidal Silver

Ultra Silver is made using advanced laboratory techniques. It is not home made with a wire and battery using electrolysis like every ionic silver.


Shelf Stable

As a true colloidal silver, Ultra Silver will not degrade or settle out over time. It is non reactive which makes it ideal for storage and use anywhere.


Nano Sized Particles

All Ultra Silver particles are verified to be in the nano sized range, making it a true nano colloidal silver. The result is a larger surface area per volume than any other product on the market!


Full Spectrum Silver

Our particle size naturally varies across the very small nano range. This particle size distribution gives us an advantage not found in single size charged silver products.


Lab Certified PPM

We openly share our PPM results, which are verified by independent lab analysis. A TDS meter will not measure PPM, only total dissolved solids.


Not Ionic

 Ultra Silver is not an ionic silver like many products out there. Ionic silver is clear and very reactive. It is usually 30 PPM or less and made by electrolysis. ionic silver is not true colloidal silver.



Ultra Silver has concentration levels far beyond other brands. Our price structure gives us value not found anywhere else. Ultra Silver is typically 15 to 50 times more concentrated than competing products!


True Color

As the concentration increases, true colloidal silver transitions from golden amber to dark brown. It is not clear like ionic silver.