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Ultra Silver 5,000 PPM – 4 oz

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Ultra Silver 5000 may be taken internally as a dietary supplement to enhance the function of the immune system. Ultra Silver 5000 is concentrated in order to achieve an effective level in vivo (in the body).

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2 – 3 $89.96
4 – 7 $79.96
8 – 15 $69.97
16 – 31 $59.97
32 or more $49.98

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True colloidal silver

True Colloidal Silver

Ultra Silver is made using advanced laboratory techniques. It is not home made with a wire and battery using electrolysis like every ionic silver.

True colloidal silver

Shelf Stable

As a true colloidal silver, Ultra Silver will not degrade or settle out over time. It is non reactive which makes it ideal for storage and use anywhere.

Nano colloidal silver

Nano Sized Particles

All Ultra Silver particles are verified to be in the nano sized range, making it a true nano colloidal silver. The result is a larger surface area per volume than any other product on the market!

Nano colloidal silver

Full Spectrum Silver

Our particle size naturally varies across the very small nano range. This particle size distribution gives us an advantage not found in single size charged silver products.

Pure colloidal silver

Lab Certified PPM

We openly share our PPM results, which are verified by independent lab analysis. A TDS meter will not measure PPM, only total dissolved solids.

True colloidal silver

Not Ionic

 Ultra Silver is not an ionic silver like many products out there. Ionic silver is clear and very reactive. It is usually 30 PPM or less and made by electrolysis. ionic silver is not true colloidal silver.

Pure colloidal silver


Ultra Silver has concentration levels far beyond other brands. Our price structure gives us value not found anywhere else. Ultra Silver is typically 15 to 50 times more concentrated than competing products!

True colloidal silver

True Color

As the concentration increases, true colloidal silver transitions from golden amber to dark brown. It is not clear like ionic silver.

16 reviews for Ultra Silver 5,000 PPM – 4 oz

  1. sxwd dwdw


    PPM (Parts Per Million) Meters ? This Silver Bullet Is Evidently Beyond Them ! Which Is A Good Thing ! At 10 PPM ? A Thousand 4 Ounce Bottles To Equal Just One Of These ? Awesome ! Thanks Amazon ! So Convenient ! Just A Drop At Time ! In Tea, Coffee, Milk, Cereal, And Soup ! Tummy Protection ? Last A While ? The Stronger The Better ! Like Werewolves And Silver Bullets ! The Best ! A Little Honey ? Probiotic ? Good Ideas ? …..Later ! Ten Drops in a liter of mouthwash ! Surprise ! Didn’t see That Comming ! There is a change ! What Change ? Could It Be Cleaner ? Or The Slaughter of Billions of Virus’s in my Mouth !? Or Both ? Also don’t Take Too Much ! Try keeping as an Alley((Friend) ! Three Drops in a Pint of Distilled Water Punched Out a Cold in One Morning ! Thanks Again Amazon !! Hay Fever Season ?? Yep !!! Going Outside ? Not A Good Idea ! Just spitting that mouthwash in a urinal caused all the scrum to fall off the inside ! No odor too ? Like chlorine ? Without the smell ? Or the plastic slowly destroyed ? For one this bottle lasts ! Thanks Again Amazon ! Turns Amber in clear water !

  2. sxwd dwdw

    Denver Beauty Bunny

    loved it

  3. sxwd dwdw


    Three Drops In A Full Pint Size Perrier Bottle ! Couple Of Gulps ! That Cold Was DOA ! Killing Everything ! Wish’d I Had This Stuff As A Kid ! Would’ve Saved A Ton Of Money And Time ! Thanks Amazon ! 10 Drops In A Big 1.5 Liter Mouth Wash ! Spitting A Little In A Quart Size Plastic Urinal ! Even The Slime Inside Dies ! Works Best When Full ! Very St rong ! ….March 2019….Takes Only A Drop ! Using A Nasal Sprayer ! Just One Or Two !!

  4. sxwd dwdw

    Don Poirier

    It kills any infection, bacteria, skin issuses. on people and animals. i saved so much money not going to dr or vets. orally and / or externally.

  5. sxwd dwdw


    Not sure if this is the real thing…made no difference at all.

  6. sxwd dwdw

    Amazon Customer

    How do you put a value on your health? I use 500 ppm spring and fall 32oz to keep immune system up. Got the 10000 ppm to dilute for those times and to have for any time more serious situation arises.

  7. sxwd dwdw


    That is one thing what keep doctor away your Colloidal Silva is outstanding

  8. sxwd dwdw


    Our family have been used CS for years and have very good result. I trust the PPM (10000) you company claimed. We take 2 drop of it into 1 oz of water to make a 10 PPM cup of SC. I helped my hospitalized mother-in-law to recover much faster from numonia, eye infection. When we experience early symptom of a flu, we use it too with good result. During the COVID-19 season, we use a nasal bottle to spray into our nose and inhale into the lung. So far so good.

  9. sxwd dwdw

    Amazon Customer

    great product as advertised, I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  10. sxwd dwdw


    I used it since 2008 after being diagnosed w prostate cancer, Brain cancer, skin cancer and stage 2 lung cancer not bad when I was told I had less than 6 months to live because I would not do Chemo nor Radiation Therapies. I don’t abuse it but a month ago my Psa numbers went from 2.7 to 6 .2 but after only 3 weeks of 10,000ppm Colloidal Silver using only 3 dropper full 3 times a week for 3 weeks , 4 Doctors came in and compared Pet exams from first week to the new one 3 weeks later and asked me how in the world did I pull that off and I said what he said your PSA number is less than 1 compared to 6.2 three weeks earlier! I said precious metals maybe then are intelligent metals!

  11. sxwd dwdw

    Loni M

    Tis is a superior product to the many others we have tried. Ultra silver saved my life when I had pneumonia and that of my best friend with the worst flu of her life. The doctor kept prescribing her drugs and she just got sicker for 2 months and worsening. taking this orally and atomizing it into the lungs has worked on every

  12. sxwd dwdw

    tom petridis

    It could be physiological but the moment I feel a tickle in my throat or any sign of a cold coming on, I mix it with 4 drops to one cup water and drink it. I’d have to say it works very well. I suggest continuing for 3 days at least. Usually when I’d leave the first sign of a cold alone I would start to get congested and build up a cough. I haven’t noticed that this year by using this product. Not the best taste and it wasn’t cheap.

  13. sxwd dwdw

    Magnus Cung

    My sister has been using this product for 10 consecutive days after she ran out of medication for her blood plasma cancer. After reading another review of a user whose PSA dropped significantly, I decided to give it a try in full faith that God may allow His wonderfully created minerals to do its intended effect. It immediately brought the otherwise excruciating pain (she described it feeling like her bones were being torn apart!!) coming from her hips under control. Lo, after a week usage and upon a clinical visit, my sister’s bloodwork cancer indicator numbers have drastically reduced almost in half. Needless to say, God is the One who deserves all the merit and praise for His marvellous ingenuity in creating healing mineral. I’m very very pleased with this purchase and will never regret it. Considering the torturing pain my sister was in before taking it, this is easily the most well spent purchase dollar for dollar. There are meds that cost many more times than this but still has side effects.

  14. sxwd dwdw


    After the math is done, this will make at least 64 GALLONS of low ppm silver. Why pay $20.00 or more for a small bottle? Save a fortune over conventional products.

  15. sxwd dwdw


    Water silver trace protein for the suspension. Very dark in color. Density is very close to expectation, at least to the 0.001g on my scale. You know, that whole “Greek Eureka” thing that’s been around for few .. thousand … years. 😉 I do not ingest this, topical use. Others can speak to usefulness of ingestion. **Note: I do NOT work in the colloidal silver industry. I am not affiliated with any company of this type. I state this as there are some “interesting” vendors out there.

  16. sxwd dwdw

    Georgine244 Lawson

    I have put this on my dogs when they are wounded or have moles to get rid of them.

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