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Ultra Silver 1,000 PPM – 8 oz

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Ultra Silver 1000 may be taken internally as a dietary supplement to enhance the function of the immune system. Ultra Silver 1000 is concentrated in order to achieve an effective level in vivo (in the body).

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2 – 3 $49.46
4 – 7 $43.96
8 – 15 $38.47
16 – 31 $32.97
32 or more $27.48

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True colloidal silver

True Colloidal Silver

Ultra Silver is made using advanced laboratory techniques. It is not home made with a wire and battery using electrolysis like every ionic silver.

True colloidal silver

Shelf Stable

As a true colloidal silver, Ultra Silver will not degrade or settle out over time. It is non reactive which makes it ideal for storage and use anywhere.

Nano colloidal silver

Nano Sized Particles

All Ultra Silver particles are verified to be in the nano sized range, making it a true nano colloidal silver. The result is a larger surface area per volume than any other product on the market!

Nano colloidal silver

Full Spectrum Silver

Our particle size naturally varies across the very small nano range. This particle size distribution gives us an advantage not found in single size charged silver products.

Pure colloidal silver

Lab Certified PPM

We openly share our PPM results, which are verified by independent lab analysis. A TDS meter will not measure PPM, only total dissolved solids.

True colloidal silver

Not Ionic

 Ultra Silver is not an ionic silver like many products out there. Ionic silver is clear and very reactive. It is usually 30 PPM or less and made by electrolysis. ionic silver is not true colloidal silver.

Pure colloidal silver


Ultra Silver has concentration levels far beyond other brands. Our price structure gives us value not found anywhere else. Ultra Silver is typically 15 to 50 times more concentrated than competing products!

True colloidal silver

True Color

As the concentration increases, true colloidal silver transitions from golden amber to dark brown. It is not clear like ionic silver.

65 reviews for Ultra Silver 1,000 PPM – 8 oz

  1. sxwd dwdw

    John C. Howell

    Love It

  2. sxwd dwdw


    Thank you

  3. sxwd dwdw

    Emma Milya

    This product is effective for everything from colds to runny noses to skin infections. If in doubt use a little collodial silver and it will probably help! 1000 ppm for this price is quite a deal! Awesome product which in turn makes me a life long customer!!

  4. sxwd dwdw

    Lori A. Morales

    It works!! I am very satisfied! It has helped keep my immune system up and on the sign of a sore throat I mixed it in my emergen-C and I felt better by the next day!!

  5. sxwd dwdw

    Shelleen Larson

    Will order again

  6. sxwd dwdw

    Aj Bilbrey

    Would like to have found a stronger PPM for infections but this will do for now.

  7. sxwd dwdw

    S Lynn Gower-Clark

    We make sure we have this on our shelf all the time!!! Only thing known to man to kill the Ebola Virus on contact!!!

  8. sxwd dwdw

    Amazon Customer

    good product for lots of health issues.

  9. sxwd dwdw


    Good product, quick delivery. 🙂

  10. sxwd dwdw

    Toni Max

    It seems to give me an effective immune boost when I need it.

  11. sxwd dwdw


    My silver is a brown color. Not sure if its fine or not? I expected for 55 dollars that this would come in GLASS… but it doesnt. The silver is the color of the plastic. Trying to get away from plastic all together. It may work fine, i do not know yet. I just got it today. But im pretty disappointed that they couldnt put the silver in a glass container. I will be obtaining more silver in the future, but I wont be buying the plastic bottle again.

  12. sxwd dwdw


    What can I say, do your research or just trust a guy who has…either way, you cant go wrong with this silver if you know which one to buyand what to use it for. That’s one of the fun parts, after using it for pink eye, ear infections, fighting colds, sore throats, any skin issue, is finding even more ways to use it.

  13. sxwd dwdw


    Always use colloidal silver in the place of antibiotics when I can.

  14. sxwd dwdw

    David Jacoby

    We have found that if we take our colloidal silver at the onset of bronchitis or sore throat, we recover at a faster rate. If we catch it early enough, we never skip a beat. My husband had a reoccurring infection that the doctors were treating with heavy duty antibiotics. Every time he finished his pills, the infection returned. We started him on six droppers of colloidal silver twice a day for 5 days then once a day for 5 days. This was after 3 rounds of his prescriptions had not worked. He finally was rid of the infection. Now we have it on hand, just in case.

  15. sxwd dwdw

    Heidi E. Cude

    I have used ultra silver for YEARS. Don’t EVEN bother with any other brand. I usually buy the 32 oz- 10,000 ppm but thought I’d try this. It worked just fine, but I’ll probably stick with my usual purchase. I had sinusitis this winter due to constant atmospheric pressure changes where I live. (I’m not used to the dramatic changes; we moved in the recent past) I was expecting the silver to work it’s magic within a few days but it took longer so that’s why I will go back to the 10,000 ppm.

  16. sxwd dwdw

    Donna Valentine

    I’ve been using this company’s silver, in 1000 PPM, for many years. I put 1/2 a dropperful under my tongue a few times a day when needed. I use it for antibacterial/antifungal/antiviral properties. You can arrest the progression of a bug early on. If taken within 18 hours-this will kick it. If after that initial 18 hours, it will lessen the duration and magnitude of the illness. It can also be used as a topical on cuts/skin disorders. Dilute with water when using as a topical aid.

  17. sxwd dwdw


    Great product and very convenient since so many stores and websites only carry 500ppm colloidal silver.

  18. sxwd dwdw

    J. R. Farrell

    Great value with great results. It has helped me with colds, the flu and dental ailments.

  19. sxwd dwdw


    Been using it for years,never have had to use anribiotics,and it kills viruses infections,do not get colds ,or flues so,I know it works .Good to keep around and it can be diluted.Will not buy any other!

  20. sxwd dwdw

    Kindle Customer

    Very pleased with my order and the speed with which we received it.

  21. sxwd dwdw


    Good product

  22. sxwd dwdw

    Billy J.

    This is a quality product. I base this belief on experience. Been medicating myself over 10 years on and off. One brand I thought might be better than Ultra Silver costs more. And Invive sells better concentrations. Ultra Silver works the same on me. I decided to keep the bottle of 1000 PPM because of the Corona virus.So please charge it to my Visa

  23. sxwd dwdw

    Cheryl B

    Thanks…a staple at my house!

  24. sxwd dwdw

    Cheryl M.

    I bought it for future use. It came in a timely fashion and I am satisfied with this product.

  25. sxwd dwdw

    David smith

    Taste okay. I shake it up and squeeze dropper to pickup freshly mixed silver.

  26. sxwd dwdw


    Mixes well with most drinks with little objectionable flavor

  27. sxwd dwdw

    Paula Bussone

    Great product that is made with care and safety in mind! Quick delivery off Amazon too!

  28. sxwd dwdw

    Gerald G. Petoskey

    I use this product to boost my immune system and so far I have good luck with it.

  29. sxwd dwdw


    Great Product

  30. sxwd dwdw

    virginia robison

    My husband and I really like the silver better in a breathing machine so we can breathe better

  31. sxwd dwdw

    Marrene Kirsch

    Good quality! I have been using this brand of colloidal silver going on 3 years. Very satisfied with product.

  32. sxwd dwdw


    Been taking for month now I love I feel the difference

  33. sxwd dwdw

    Nolan Walker

    I use this silver for immune support. I sniff this in both nostrils as added protection against bacteria and viruses. My order came quick and I am happy with this product.

  34. sxwd dwdw

    Margaret Watson Cantwell

    Excellent value for the money

  35. sxwd dwdw

    Arquimedes Mota

    I do like this product but still I have not experimented all goodness of it.

  36. sxwd dwdw

    Arvilla Jackson

    I woke up with a sore throat. I took 3 doses of Ultra Silver and by the next morning it was gone. The usual course for a sore throat for me is for it to drop down into my lungs and I end up with bronchitis. I am so grateful to have learned about Ultra Silver from a friend.

  37. sxwd dwdw

    everett clemons

    lasts a long time diluted with distilled water

  38. sxwd dwdw

    Kalina Schauble

    Perfect and informational absolutely must buy

  39. sxwd dwdw


    This is medical grade colloidal silver. It is a thin/watery consistency of dark color. Will stain so watch clothing. Do not overuse! Apply only a small amount and allow area to breathe as well. Read directions!!

  40. sxwd dwdw

    Debbie Griffin

    You have a very good product at a good price. I keep it on hand just in case.

  41. sxwd dwdw

    Donald E Porter Jr

    Great product! Highly recommend!

  42. sxwd dwdw



  43. sxwd dwdw

    Laurie Johnson

    This is the real deal and will definitely buy this again.

  44. sxwd dwdw

    Irma Medina

    I was taking Sovereign Silver 500 ppm when I first got symptoms, runny nose and a minor sore throat. but then suddenly after the 4th day after I had started with day 1 with symptoms I started having a tight chest and breathing was a bit of a challenge it started at the evening and by night time before bed I had a little anxiety with my breathing so I took some of the the 5000 ppm Ultra Silver and noticed a big difference so I continued the next morning to take the 5000 ppm but mid day I took some of the 1000 ppm and I was stabilizing with my breathing issue, thank God. so now I take the 5000 ppm at night and through out the day once or twice a day I take the 1000 ppm this has been working for me to lessen the covid symptoms, especially the breathing issues this covid is no joke, I thank God for this colloidal silver. This has been a God send I only had one evening with a fever of 101 and that was it no more fever. This is what has been working for me you must do your research and check with your doctor, however, my doctor had no clue regarding colloidal silver so I did my extensive research, and you do not take this years at a time long term in any way this is just when you are fighting a chronic flu, virus, or bacterial infections. I am constantly checking my oxygen level and temperature as well. I am also taking Vitamin D3, C and other immune fighting supplements, make sure you are drinking enough liquids.

  45. sxwd dwdw

    Kindle Customer

    I haven’t yet used it but it came quickly and it really helps preventing many allergy and sinus infections

  46. sxwd dwdw

    Donna Williams

    My doctor couldn’t see me due to the covid shut down and I had a very bad sore throat with an earache. I started 3 droppers of this 1000 ppm colloidal silver twice a day for about two weeks. I was better in no time at all!

  47. sxwd dwdw

    benjamin graves

    Good stuff. Highly recommend.

  48. sxwd dwdw

    Amazon Customer

    The extra strength makes a big difference in effectiveness 👍👍🙏🙏💪😇💪❣️❣️❣️

  49. sxwd dwdw


    No flavor easy to blend with juices.

  50. sxwd dwdw

    Paula Weeks

    I keep a bottle of this on hand all the time. I wouldn’t be without it!

  51. sxwd dwdw


    It works…just don’t take all the time or your body gets use to it and it won’t work like it should…take probiotics after taking it..just a suggestion

  52. sxwd dwdw

    Stephen Knorr

    bets price and fast delivery>

  53. sxwd dwdw

    Cheryl Traxler

    My husband had an infection in his eyes. Silver cleared it up. I would never be without my Silver

  54. sxwd dwdw


    No taste, works quickly, great product

  55. sxwd dwdw

    Randy Halcomb

    Works great and has many uses.

  56. sxwd dwdw

    daniel jackson

    intrinsic elemental antibiotic

  57. sxwd dwdw

    Mahmoud Jammal

    It’s’s good concerning the money. I can’t talk about the pain relief because I have no pain

  58. sxwd dwdw


    It helped to heal a tooth infection in 2 weeks, no visit to a dentist.

  59. sxwd dwdw

    Lisa jade Clark

    The media could not be loaded. I suffer from autoimmune issues. I used 2x a day, at first. I detoxed, stayed away from sugar, turning vegan, & use Ultra Silver! I’ve managed my flare ups. This product, is truly worth it! We are, what we eat. With Ultra Silver, no pharmaceutical drugs for me! All natural, value for money. I prefer the taste vs others. I gargle & hold in my mouth as long as i can, then swallow. Even my gums are healing! I love, love, love, Ultra Silver 1,000 ppm!

  60. sxwd dwdw


    This is great so glad I ran across it. I had been paying the same price for 550ppm. The 100ppm is better absorbed by the body & the stability of shelf life is better from what all I read when making the dission to try the 1000ppm.

  61. sxwd dwdw

    Amazon Customer

    Wonderful product

  62. sxwd dwdw

    Shelley L

    I am giving this to my cats. They are improving. Too early to tell the difference. It has only been about a week…

  63. sxwd dwdw

    Karisma Morris-Bush

    I typically use the clear one but this one works as well to. It is great for health and mixes well with juice it water.

  64. sxwd dwdw

    Erickson Family

    We used Ultra Silver in the past, and they stopped producing it for a few years. So excited to have it back.

  65. sxwd dwdw

    Cliente Málaga

    Hice un pedido de 2 artículos y sólo recibí uno.

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