Colloidal Silver Concentration


Ultra Silver is available from 500 – 10,000 PPM, making it far more concentrated and economical than other products on the market which may range from 5 – 20 PPM. Note the deep color and that nothing has precipitated out of the colloid. You don’t have to shake it up because it is already in colloidal form between 500-10,000 parts per million.


We have an independent laboratory test Ultra Silver to verify the PPM of all concentration levels. This information is available on every product page because we believe in letting the facts speak for themselves. Ultra Silver is more concentrated than other products because we take into consideration getting an effective dose in the body (in vivo). That is why our product offering begins at the 500 PPM level.


PPM stands for Parts Per Million and is a unit of measurement to describe very small values of quantity regardless of the sample size. One part per million (ppm) denotes one part per 1000000 parts, 1/1000000 × 100% = 0.0001% (or 1% = 10000 ppm), and a value of 1 × 10−6. This is equivalent to about 32 seconds out of a year; in distance measurement, it is equivalent to 1 mm of error per km of distance traversed.


Remember the old saying that a pint’s a pound the world around? So a quart (or liter) if you wish, since we will be dealing with the metric system, would weigh 1000 grams or about 2 pounds. If we know the weight of the ionic silver that we are adding to the one quart of steam distilled water, it is a simple matter of mathematics to prove the concentration.


There are 3600 drops in each four ounce bottle. Each full dropper contains about 30 drops and four droppers full are one teaspoon. Each drop contains about 0.000277 of a gram silver. That is .227 Mg or 227 Mcg. of metric measurement. A teaspoon (four droppers full) equals about 27 Mg. per each teaspoonful.

Proof: 1 gram divided by 3600 drops = 0.0002777 grams or .227 Mg. or 227 Mcg. 120 drops x .227 Mg = 27 Mg./ tsp.

Four fluid ounces of colloidal silver is equal to 120 milliliters of metric liquid measurement. One dropper full is about 1/4 teaspoon, which also equals 1 milliliter.
This means you have 120 super strength effective doses in each four ounce dropper bottle of Ultra Silver Colloidal silver. You could pay well over $2000.00 for this much colloidal silver purchased from other sources selling 5 to 10 ppm concentration.
One single drop of Ultra Silver 10,000 ppm added to one ounce of distilled water yields a concentration of about 10 ppm. One four ounce bottle would make 28 gallons of 10 ppm. There are about 3600 drops in a four ounce bottle, resulting in a cost of less than two cents per drop.
Each dropper full contains about 30 drops. One or two droppers full added to one ounce of distilled water makes an excellent nasal spray and eye wash of 300 to 600 ppm.
One four ounce bottle of Ultra Silver 10,000 ppm added to 28 ounces of distilled water makes one quart (32 ounces) of 1250 parts per million.
Two drops per ounce or two droppers full per quart is an effective water purifier for travelers in doubt about the safety of their drinking water. Water so treated should stand for at least ten minutes before drinking to allow time for purification and anti-parasitic action to take place.