Economical Colloidal Silver

The concentration of our Ultra Silver is one of many things that distinguish us from the competition. Most other products on the market are typically between 5-30 ppm. Therefore, Ultra Silver is up to thousands of times more potent. In some cases, a few drops of Ultra Silver would make quarts of other brands. There are some very clear reasons why Ultra Silver has been formulated at higher strengths. The answer involves both effectiveness and dosage.

The reason for this concentration is to achieve a saturated dose when taken in the body (in vivo). The most important thing to remember is that the average individual has approximately 6 pints of blood (2.83 liters) coursing through their system. All low concentration products will be diluted to a negligible and ineffective level. However, our Ultra Silver is specially formulated with this natural dilution process in mind, so a proper saturation level may be achieved in vivo.

Now that a reason for this concentration level has been established, we may take a look at colloidal silver dosage. Our superior Ultra Silver comes in four strengths: 500, 1000, 5,000, and 10,000. Each has their own dosage recommendation. The key question here is what does colloidal silver dosage have to do with concentration? The answer is that higher concentrations mean lower dosage requirements.

This concentrated colloidal silver dosage means incredible value for you. Since the doses for Ultra Silver are smaller you actually get more uses per bottle than with other products. Take a look at our pricing and concentration levels, then compare them to your local health store or anyone else. Ultra Silver provides you with a premium product at the best possible price.