About Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver

Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver is a true colloidal silver made with a modern new process. Our Ultra Silver is pure .9999 fine silver nano-particles of the smallest size ever produced. It enhances the function of your immune system and allows it to do what nature intended. While the process itself is patentable, the decision has been made to keep it proprietary rather than reveal the details. The equipment and methods to make Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver are scientific, expensive and complex. The resulting product is an exceptional colloidal silver!

As a true colloidal silver, Ultra Silver contains nano sized particles which on average are 35.2 nanometers. This extremely small particle size, combined with a high concentration of particles results in a vastly larger surface area of silver for a given concentration.

Many other products are marketed as colloidal silver, but are actually ionic silver. These ionic silvers will appear clear and are simply produced using electrolysis (you may do this at home). Although these do have some benefit in certain situations, they are not true colloidal silver. Ionic based silver is actually missing an electron in the outer shell and is not inherently shelf stable. Learn more about the differences on our colloidal silver and ionic silver section. 

Commercially available colloidal silver products typically have a silver concentration in the range of 3-50 parts per million (PPM). In many instances, the higher concentration products consist almost entirely of ionic silver.  Many contain particles so large they must add gelatin to the solution to keep the particles from falling to the bottom. The products that add gelatin are typically called 'silver protein' or 'mild silver protein'.

As measured by a Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (FAAS),  Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver has between 500 – 10,000 PPM of silver. PPM is also properly expressed as mg/liter. We openly share all of our independently verified PPM results which may be found on each product page. For more information on colloidal silver concentration click the link. 

The high concentration of nano sized particles results in a dark amber brown color which is the signature color of our product. If you take a couple drops of Ultra Silver and place it into some pure water, you will see a nice golden color appear. In this manner, you may create a lower concentration level in the 10 - 50 PPM area.

It is your guarantee that you have the most potent colloidal silver available. Ultra Silver is virtually tasteless and may be taken directly from the bottle. Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver can be rightfully called a concentrate, relative to other colloidal silver products. Its power is unequaled by a wide margin.

The nano sized particles not only give significantly more active silver surface area, but also are more effective at getting down to the cellular level of your own body, as well as that of foreign bodies. Because of the ultra-small dimensions of nano-particles, a very small amount goes a very long way, thereby affording complete safety and maximum potency.

Silver has been used by man throughout history for maintenance of good health through its role in aiding the body's immune system. For thousands of years silver has been used for making drinking vessels and eating utensils, such as spoons, forks, and knives.  Silver coins were also placed in water and milk to retard spoilage. Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver is nothing more than the "high-tech" version of this ancient usage. If you would like to know more about historical uses check out our colloidal silver history.

In summary, Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver is a true, nano sized colloidal silver and has power far beyond that of any other colloidal silver product. We believe in offering the highest quality colloidal silver at the most economical price on the market. Truly, it may be considered a concentrate at all PPM levels (recommended dose is 1 tsp/day)l. A single bottle is worth many gallons of competing products and is the most economical colloidal silver available!