Intro to Colloidal Silver

Our Ultra Silver colloidal silver is pure .9999 fine silver nano-particles of the smallest size ever produced suspended in de-ionized water. It assists the immune system doing its job.

Silver has been used by man throughout history for maintenance of good health through its role in aiding the body's immune system. For thousands of years silver has been used for making drinking vessels and eating utensils, such as spoons, forks, and knives.  Silver coins were also placed in water and milk to retard spoilage.

Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver is nothing more than the "high-tech" version of this ancient usage. The nanometers sized particles not only give significantly more active silver surface area, but also is more effective at getting down to the cellular level of your own body, as well as that of foreign bodies. Because of the ultra-small dimensions of its nano-particles, a very small amount of metallic silver goes a very long way, thereby affording complete safety and maximum potency. To learn more about the fascinating properties of this noble metal, go to the history page.

There is sometimes a misconception that there are “silver particles” and then there are “silver ions” and that only non-ionic silver particles are effective. The truth is: ionic silver is still silver particles, but are electrically charged, either negative or positive. Both appear to have their own advantages in different environments. We believe that a product such as our Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver gives you the best of both worlds.