People of the Lie: Colloidal Silver

PEOPLE OF THE LIE: Colloidal Silver
By Patrick H. Bellringer

Colloidal silver (CS) is a natural antibiotic which has been used throughout the world for
centuries as a means to destroy microbes of all kinds and to correct many health problems. It
was removed from public use in the United States in the 1920's and 1930's by the medical
profession in their move to purge natural health remedies from the marketplace. As late as
August, 1998 the FDA ordered all colloidal silver removed from all U.S. Health Stores, but due
to public outcry, that order has been temporarily relaxed. Today, the use of colloidal silver is
spreading rapidly throughout the medical community in the healing of burn victims. Medical
doctors have never denied the merits of silver in the form of silver nitrate as a bactericide.
Silver nitrate is routinely used in drops put into a baby's eyes at birth to prevent blindness from
venereal disease.

Silver acts as a second immune system for humans by destroying bacteria and viruses of all
kinds. It is toxic to bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi (molds), protozoa, and parasites in the egg
stage. Therefore, CS will destroy staph and strep bacteria which are so common in today's
health problems. In the silver literature there are listings of over 650 diseases and health
problems that silver in colloidal form will effect in very positive ways. The frequency of silver is
higher than almost all of the known harmful crystal-headed viruses such as that of AIDS, Ebola,
West Nile, and SARS and thus will destroy them. Usually these viruses are no problem to a
person with a strong immune system and good nutrition. Those dying from these diseases
today usually have neither of these.

A colloid is a substance of ultramicroscopic particles. Colloidal silver is nothing more than very
tiny particles of pure silver suspended in distilled water through the process of electrolysis. The
smaller the particles in CS the better the body can assimilate them. Colloidal silver is odorless,
tasteless and has no known negative reaction to any medication, health problem, diet, or
artificial alteration to the human body. It is considered, along with gold and titanium, to be
Creator God's natural antibiotic provided for the good health of the people of planet Earth.
Gold has a higher frequency then silver, while the frequency of titanium is higher than gold.
Nothing on planet Earth in microbe form can survive the frequencies of colloidal titanium and
colloidal gold, while colloidal silver will destroy nearly all of them.

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark has done extensive research and application in the field of holistic
health. She has published her works in various books and newsletters. For further information
on colloidal silver, I am drawing from an edited copy of one of Dr. Clark's Newsletters on the

"What Do We Know About Colloidal Silver?" 

Edited By: Christine Doyle

From Dr. Clark Newsletter:
This article was taken, shortened and altered, from the Dr. Clark Newsletter for practitioners,
'Finding the Way', by courtesy of the editor, Clinical Nutritionist and practitioner, Christine
Doyle, PO Box 33, Carmarthen SA33 6YE, UK, Tel/Fax +44-1994-484 682.The 1994 issue of "Newsweek" featured a six page article, "Antibiotics, The End of Miracle
Drugs?" as the cover story. "The rise of drug-resistant germs is unparalleled in recorded
history", according to the article. "Penicillin and tetracycline lost their power over staph back in
the 1950's and 60's. Another antibiotic, methicillin, provided a backup for a while, but
methicillin-resistant staph is now common in hospitals and nursing homes worldwide. Trying to
cripple bacteria's defenses will not do much more than buy us five to ten years. A better
strategy might be to abandon antibiotics altogether in favor of different kinds of drugs." Not a
very pretty picture: bacteria have a tremendous ability to adapt to substances. They can and do
mutate to overcome antibiotics. When the antibiotics destroy the bacteria which are
susceptible to them, they can clear the way for resistant bacteria to move in uninhibited.
Still another problem that has plagued the medical profession from the beginning with modern
antibiotics has been that beneficial bacteria and organisms play various important, natural
functions in the body. Antibiotics often play havoc with some of the friendly organisms,
producing long lasting side effects that may be difficult to correct.

One reason that the antibiotics have been so popular in the medical field is due to the fact that
they can be patented. Therefore, the pharmaceutical companies find it financially worthwhile to
keep the doctors educated in their medicines, while other products go unnoticed. Silver, on the
other hand, is not patentable and there are no huge profits in it, so it is not worth heavy
promotion. The high-priced products run over the low cost products, simply because of
profitability. All of this is happening at the same time that disease bacteria are developing
immunity to antibiotics all over the world. The medical profession is alarmed.

Science Digest suggested an answer to all of these catastrophic problems back in March of
1978 in an article titled "Our Mightiest Germ Fighter". This article by Jim Powell stated:
"Thanks to eye-opening research, silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine. An
antibiotic kills perhaps a half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650.
Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually non-toxic."

Silver has been known to be a bactericide for at least 1200 years. Even in ancient times, it was
known to prevent disease, and it was said that disease could not be transmitted in drinking
from a silver cup. Silver coins were commonly dropped into a jar to prevent the spoilage of milk
and other drink, and silver containers were used to prolong the freshness of foods in general.
Wealthy people used to feed their babies with a silver spoon, which was considered to be a
cause of strong healthy growth. Even today, some commonly call all tableware "silverware"
although it is more commonly stainless steel. In the 1920's, 30's and 40's, silver was ground
very fine like flour, suspended in water and was used orally for many infections and disease
conditions, topically on burns, and for fungal infections. Until almost 1970 it was common for
scientists to put a silver dime in a Petri dish to sterilize the dish. Silver was long used for plates
for the surgical repair of bones. After the development of the patented antibiotics, silver was
forgotten in the United States and most other places, although the antibiotics are only effective
against bacteria, not viruses, yeast, or fungi. Now, with the greatly improved modern colloids,
the tables are turning and silver may be the most effective treatment of all.
What exactly is Colloidal Silver (CS)?

Simply put, colloids are extremely minute silver particles suspended in water, with a positive
electrical charge. The smaller the silver particles, the more effective CS has proven to be. The
best Colloidal Silver is produced at the molecular level. A small DC current is passed through
an electrolyte (distilled water) with silver electrodes. Minute, molecular sized particles are
drawn off the positive electrode, having a positive electrical charge. This electrical charge is of
primary importance to healing and antibacterial qualities. The charge slowly dissipates,
especially when exposed to light, and therefore, the freshness of the colloid is important.
In "Colloidal Silver", a booklet produced by the Association for Colloidal Research, it is
reported that: "Medical Journal Reports and documented studies spanning 100 years indicate
no known side effects from oral or IV administration of properly manufactured Colloidal Silver
in animal or human testing. There has never been a reported reaction with Colloidal Silver to
any prescription medication."The evidence appears to support the theory that Colloidal Silver is highly effective against all
strains of pathogenic bacteria, while any one antibiotic is only effective against a few certain
bacterial strains. Furthermore, antibiotics have never been effective against viruses, yeast or
fungi. Yet, researchers are telling us that Colloidal Silver has produced phenomenal results in
tissue healing and reconstruction, as well as reducing scar tissue in clinical tests. Severe cuts
and wounds have healed in much less time. Laboratory tests have shown CS to kill over 650
destructive bacteria, viruses and fungi within minutes of contact.
UCLA ran some tests on Colloidal Silver and their report states: "The silver solutions were
antibacterial for Streptococcus pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhea,
Gardnerella Vaginalis, Salmonella Typhi, and other enteric pathogens, fungicidal for Candida
albicans, Candida globata, and M. furfur, and it killed every virus that was tested in the lab".

Other voices:
Dr. Hirschberg, John Hopkins: "...remarkable for their beneficial action in infective states". Dr.
Henry Cooks: "I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory tests within six minutes". Dr.
Gary Smith: "When silver was present the cancer cell was de-differentiated and the body was

Certain bacteria are essential to healthy body function. Several researchers claim Colloidal
Silver only attacks the unfriendly pathogens and will not harm the friendly ones, but one must
wonder how it can possibly differentiate. The explanation is that the friendly bacteria are
aerobic, while unfriendly bacteria are anaerobic. (Editor's note: There are helpful and harmful
bacteria that live in anerobic and aerobic conditions.) Silver does not attack bacteria directly,
but rather decomposes certain enzymes the anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast, and molds
require. The silver acts as a catalyst and is not consumed in the process. It is probable that this
indirect action is also the reason bacteria cannot develop a resistance to silver, as they do to

Some researchers do tell us, however, that in prolonged, very heavy doses, some silver
compounds will leave gray deposits in the heavier skin folds such as the knuckles. This
condition is known as "Argyria". The only problem to these deposits is said to be the cosmetic
appearance and the condition is said to be rare. Some experts say this condition has never
been known to occur from silver in the colloidal state. Other experts do, however, warn that this
might be a problem with extremely high, prolonged dosages (such as drinking many quarts of
CS per day over months of time). The very small particle size in the Colloidal Silver would
seem to make this possibility remote. Argyria is correctable with laser treatment, like a tattoo.
(It should be noted that there has been only one case of Argyria reported in the world in the last
100 years.)

Medical Uses
In the 1970's Dr. Carl Moyer, Chairman of Washington University's Department of Surgery,
received a grant to develop better treatments for burn victims. Dr. Harry Margraf worked with
Dr. Moyer and other surgeons, a chief biochemist on this project. They tested 22 antiseptic
compounds and rejected all of them. The problem was that infections in burns often failed to
respond to antibiotics. Most antiseptics actually destroy the delicate healing tissues in severe
burns and were very painful. The greatest problem was the bacterium Pseudomonas
acruginose, which is particularly infectious to burns and fails to respond to all common

In his research into medical history, Dr. Margraf found numerous references to silver as an
antimicrobial agent. Dr. Margraf therefore tried silver nitrate, the same solution used in
newborn babies' eyes at birth to prevent blindness from venereal disease. It worked! However,
he found it disturbed the balance of body salts, stained everything it touched, and in high
concentrations was corrosive and painful. After further study he found that all of these problems
were solved by Colloidal Silver. With Colloidal Silver as the base, he then developed a salve
that has been extremely effective in treating the infections and healing in serious burns.
Colloidal Silver is now routinely used for severe burn victims, resulting in a large reduction of
scarring and a heavy reduction of deaths for extensive severe burns.The article in Science Digest, March, 1978, relates: "A speeding car overturned and burst into
flames. The 18-year-old driver suffered burns all over his face, neck, arms, hands, back,
stomach, and legs. Burns covered more than 80 percent of his body. Until recently, this would
have been a death sentence. Doctors knew how to restore vital body fluids and salts, but had
no way to fight infection, the primary cause of death in burn cases. Fortunately, for this youth, a
new silver compound killed deadly bacteria and enabled him to heal. He was out of the hospital
within four months."

Another line of research that has led to this change of thinking is described in the best seller:
"The Body Electric", in which Robert O. Becker, leading research scientist in the field of bone
regeneration, states: "The germ killing action of silver has been known for some time. The
Soviets use silver ions to sterilize recycled water aboard their space stations. It kills even
antibiotic-resistant strains, and also works on fungus infections." He goes on to say: "It
stimulates bone-forming cells, cures the most common stubborn infections of all kinds of
bacteria, and stimulates healing in the skin and other soft tissues."

Certainly that is a broad statement, but Dr. Becker further relates a fascinating story which
would seem to substantiate his belief. A man's broken right tibia and fibula refused to bond
and the skin refused to heal over a large area of the leg for a year and a half. The leg was
infected with five kinds of bacteria, all of which refused to respond to antibiotics. As a last
resort before amputation, Dr. Becker treated the condition with silver charged with a very
minute electrical current. This produced silver ions in the bone area and at the surface area. "I
debrided (cleaned) the wound, removing the dead tissue and all grossly infected or dead bone.
There wasn't much left afterward. It was an enormous excavation running almost from his knee
to his ankle. In the operating room, we soaked a big piece of silver nylon in saline solution and
laid it over the wound. We packed the fabric in place with saline-soaked gauze, wrapped the
leg, and connected the battery unit."

"About two weeks later", Dr. Becker tells us, "all of our bacterial cultures were sterile -- all five
kinds had been killed. The soft healing tissue, called granulation tissue, was spreading out and
covering the bone. In two weeks the whole base of the wound, which had been over eight
square inches of raw bone, was covered with this friendly pink carpet. The skin was beginning
to grow in, too, so we could forget about the grafts we thought we'd need to do. I decided to
take an X-ray to see how much bone he'd lost." He was expecting the bone to start withdrawing
before the knitting process began. "I could hardly believe the picture. There was clearly some
bone growth! I removed the cast, felt the leg, and found that the pieces were all stuck together.
John watched, and when I was done, he lifted his leg into the air triumphantly."

After extensive experiments along these lines, Dr. Becker concluded: "Cells exposed to
positive silver ions profoundly stimulate healing in a way unlike any known natural process.
Whatever its precise mode of action may be, the electrically generated silver ion can produce
enough cells for blastomas; it has restored my belief that full regeneration of limbs and other
body parts can be accomplished in humans."

Dr. Becker's experiments seem to show that Colloidal Silver not only kills the pathogens, but
also produces dramatic healing of tissue such as his statement of the skin growth on the leg
quoted above. The silver ion produces some cells with no differentiation. These cells can turn
into any cell that is needed. Only these de-differentiated cells can be used to create the cells
necessary to replace destroyed cells such as in a wound or rebuild missing tissue. It seems to
be for this reasoning that Colloidal Silver heals injuries without scarring, or at last greatly
reduces scarring, while greatly accelerating the reconstruction or general healing of wounds.
Scar tissue develops when de-differentiated cells are in short supply. Therefore it would seem,
from the evidence at hand, that CS could reduce or prevent internal scarring and promote
internal healing after surgery.

Other medical uses:
In "Report: Colloidal Silver, Health Consciousness, Vol. 15, No. 4", it is stated "Silver aids the
developing fetus in growth, health, and eases the delivery and recovery." Hospitals routinely
use it in new-born infants' eyes to prevent 'infection caused' blindness. Silver seems to be evenmore promising against AIDS, and there seems to be no doubt that silver supports the T-cells
in their fight against foreign organisms in the blood. It virtually forms a second immune system,
actually protecting and defending T-cells. It is strongly suggested by research scientists such
as Dr. Gary Smith and others that silver ions are essential to the immune system. Marvin
Robey, has personally used a strong dose of Colloidal Silver (4 oz. of 500 parts per million) for
a 'cold' in its early stages. It provided relief in two hours and cured the cold completely in about
24 hours. Others say that it quickly cures their colds in more advanced stages.

Physiological information about CS
The body's ability to process the tiny atoms of Colloidal Silver makes silver build-up in the body
impossible. The Environmental Protection Agency's Poison Control Center reports a 'no
toxicity' listing for CS. If particles are small enough you can even drink arsenic! Examining a
bottle of colloidal minerals from a local health store you may notice nickel, arsenic and lead
among the trace minerals on the ingredients list.

CS is the only form of silver that can be used safely as a supplement. It is absorbed into the
tissues at a slow enough rate that is not irritating to tissues, unlike silver nitrate which reacts
violently with tissues because of its caustic action.

The body has a vital need for silver to produce new healthy cells. Since our blood is also a
colloid, the harmonious way the colloids enter the body may well make Colloidal Silver the
safest medicine on earth

Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, says that a deficiency of silver in the diet contributes to disease. In
fact he found that those with low levels of silver in their body had frequent colds, flu, and
sicknesses. He feels that a silver deficiency can be the cause of improper functioning of the
immune system.

"Used in the space shuttle"
When will we see silver in our everyday life for non-medical use? It seems it is already more
prominent in our lives than most people realize. In Health Consciousness, Vol. 15, No. 4, Pg. 5
we read: "In the former Soviet Union, silver is used to sterilize recycled water aboard space
shuttles. NASA has also selected a silver/water system for its space shuttle. Internationally,
many airlines use silver water filters to guarantee passenger safety against water-borne
diseases such as dysentery. The Swiss government has approved use of such silver water
filters in homes and offices. In the U.S some city municipalities use silver in the treatment of
sewage. Silver works so well in purifying water that it is sometimes used to purify swimming
pool water. It does not sting the eyes as chlorine does, and it does kill mosquito larva. An
experiment conducted in Nebraska demonstrates its effectiveness. Fifty gallons of raw sewage
were pumped into a pool without any disinfectant. A standard measure of contamination is the
count of E. coli, a bacteria organism found in the intestinal tract. The count soared to 7000 E.
coli cells per milliliter of water. When the water was exposed to silver electrodes, within three
hours it was completely free of E. coli."

How you can use Colloidal Silver
Add CS to drinking water when on holiday or camping. Sterilize anything from tooth brushes to
surgical instruments, spray on garbage to prevent decay odors, disinfect dish cloths, cutting
boards; add when canning, preserving or bottling fruits and vegetables; spray in shoes and
between toes to kill fungus; disinfect bath water, use as gargle, douche, colon irrigation, nasal
spray; drop onto bandages and plasters to hasten healing time; soak dentures; spray
refrigerator, freezer, food storage containers to stop mildew, mold, wood rot, fungi. Use to
spray pet's bedding; use in cleaning and mopping solutions. Spray on the top of open jam jars
and food lids before closing to prevent mold. Spray air ducts; use in the final washing machine
rinse cycle, and dishwashers. Spray around plant roots to stop rot; spray foliage to remove
aphids and mold; use inside gloves and under fingernails, rinse fruit and vegetables, use in
shampoos and rinsing water; spray pets and use in pet drinking water; spray carpets, wipe
telephone mouthpieces, headphones, hearing aids; spray mattresses and allow to dry to kill
dust mites; clean combs and glasses. Apply to baby for diaper rash and spray inside ofdiapers. Clean bathrooms, kitchens, floors, underwear, pillowcases, etc., etc.
Swishing the solution briefly under the tongue before swallowing ensures faster absorption and
destroys mouth bacteria. In several days CS will have accumulated in the tissues sufficiently for
benefits to begin. It is eliminated via the kidneys, lymph and bowel within three weeks.
CS is painless on cuts and abrasions, in open wounds, in the nostrils for sinus stuffy nose and
even in babies eyes, because unlike antiseptics it does not destroy tissue cells. Inside the
body silver forms no toxic features. It cannot react or interfere with any other medication being

Dr. Hulda Clark feels that sufficient CS is ingested from cleaning the teeth. Perhaps more is
needed in certain conditions. Other doctors suggest one or two teaspoons daily. There is no
limit for external use. In general, modern Colloidal Silver is of much better quality than it was in
the 1930's and 40's due to modern knowledge of how to produce it. Still better news is that you
can produce the Colloidal Silver of the finest quality yourself for pennies a bottle. This way, you
know it is fresh and you have a better idea of the concentration and quality.
When current is applied to silver in solution the particles that break off will always be the same
size: 1.26 angstroms (.000126 microns). This is so small that its nearest rival is an atom. Very
simple, inexpensive, easily used and maintainable equipment is now available by several
manufacturers to make your own Colloidal Silver of the finest quality, absolutely fresh. To
purchase ready made CS is highly expensive. To make it for yourself via a little machine costs
only cents. Important: Dr. Clark's comments regarding CS: "The purity of the silver is an
important issue. The manufacturer of the silver should divulge this. Use only 99.99% pure silver.
[End of Quoting]

I include here a listing of medical applications for Colloidal Silver which has been complied
from several medical sources.
Medical applications of Colloidal Silver
Lyme Disease
Septic conditions (of eyes, ears, mouth & throat)
Skin cancer
MolesSkin rashes
Athlete's Foot
Ear infections
Sore Throat
Bacteria, all forms
Parasitic infections
Staph infections
Bladder infection
Pavo virus
Stomach flu
Bleeding gums
Plant viruses & fungi
Stomach ulcer
Strep infection
Blood Parasites
Pneumonia (viral, fungal & bacterial)
Blood poisoning
Thrush (yeast infection)
Bubonic Plague
Purulent Ophthalmia
Tooth decay (neutralize)
Candida, (yeast infection)
Hay Fever
Canine parovirus
Trench foot
Canker Sore
Ulcerated Stomach (ulcers)
Venereal diseases
Chronic fatigue
Virus, all forms
Scarlet FeverWest Nile Virus
Whooping Cough
Yeast infection


The human body utilizes colloidal silver at the rate of three to five ppm. Higher concentrations
of silver are not harmful in any way but they do not kill internal microbes more effectively. For a
topical application of CS a silver concentration of 60 ppm or higher is needed. AT this level CS
is effective as an after-shave, deodorant, mouth wash, for gargling and for burns, cuts, insect
bites and other skin irritations.

On a side note the early pioneers of the U.S. "Old West" would put a silver dollar into a bucket
of fresh milk and keep it from spoiling without refrigeration for two to three days. They also
used true silverware and silver dishes which aided their health. Also, for many centuries the
Royal Families of the world have been called "Blue Bloods" because of the high silver content
in their blood. They stored their food in silver dishes, ate from silver plates and cups, and used
true silverware. They had no modern medicine and medical doctors but remained healthy. The
"commoners" could not afford silver utensils and were usually sick.

For many years my family and I have used colloidal silver with great success. We recommend
one-fourth to one-half cup of colloidal silver a day as a maintenance program, if you are able to
make your own CS. CS can be put into your drinking water and used throughout the day or
taken at meal times to keep your body constantly supplied. Over time light will reduce the
positive charge on the silver ion, causing it to precipitate from suspension. The silver will then
adhere to the walls of the container and render it unusable. This problem is corrected by
storing CS in amber colored glass bottles. This gives it an indefinite shelf life.

Colloidal gold (CG) is nearly unavailable in U.S. health stores today, as are CG generators on
the internet. The price of gold makes buying CG very expensive. The U.S. Government has
effectively prohibited the manufacturing of CG generators, but one source is found at Colloidal titanium and colloidal titanium generators are nearly
impossible to find in the marketplace.

The big lie is that all healing can only happen through the medicines, drugs, medical
techniques and expertise of the medical community. Medical doctors are honored as the God's
of Healing and are paid accordingly. Behind the scenes the pharmaceutical companies control
all. They fund the medical research grants at the universities to control the results, and theybribe the medical doctors to utilize their drugs and techniques by allowing the doctors to
become stockholders in their pharmaceutical companies. This is all done at the expense of
those who suffer from illness, and many, who are ill, have become so from the medications and
techniques of the medical community.

Colloidal silver is kept secret by the pharmaceutical industry for two very important reasons.
The first reason, of course, is that the effectiveness and availability of CS would severely cut
into the profits the drug companies make today on all the various antibiotics, flue, and cold
remedies. The second reason is that CS can not be patented. The Food and Drug
Administration has classified CS as a pre 1938 drug, which makes it exempt from current
patent laws. If a product cannot be patented and a monopoly held on it in the marketplace, it
cannot demand a high price. Therefore, CS is worthless to the pharmaceutical profiteers. In
fact they are fearful that colloidal silver may return to public use and have worked hard to keep
it hidden.

Is it any wonder that colloidal silver which can stop viruses such as West Nile, AIDS, Ebola,
Bubonic plague, and SARS, is kept hidden from public use? Something so inexpensive, so
easy to make, and so accessible to the public as colloidal silver would cause so much good
health as to wipe out whole sections of the pharmaceuticals in thousands of hospitals and drug
stores. Such is the trillion dollar drug lie. Can you imagine a world without harmful molds and
bacteria? Can you imagine a world without the common cold, without AIDS, without the "flu",
without venereal disease, without SARS? That is the world of colloidal silver. We certainly are
People of the Lie!

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